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Tokio Hotel - facebook (27.05.2013)

Memories, can't wait for the next band recording session! Bill

Tokio Hotel - facebook (26.05.2013)

That's how Gustav looks when he gets up and has to call the twins… Georg

Tokio Hotel - facebook (25.05.2013)

It’s time for OUR answers to your „Bill-Questions“! Enjoy...

Tokio Hotel - facebook (24.05.2013)

Have a great weekend ☼

Tokio Hotel - facebook (23.05.2013)

He's the laziest backliner ever, only wants to play... guess I have to hire a new one, apply in the comments! Tom

Tokio Hotel - facebook (22.05.2013)

Recording some tracks tonight. Say "Hello" to my babies!

Tokio Hotel - facebook (21.05.2013)

Tokio Hotel - facebook (20.05.2013)

It's so easy to make my brother happy… just give him some coffee.

Tokio Hotel - facebook (18.05.2013)

Tokio Hotel - facebook (17.05.2013)

Now I remember why I hated this place...

O Music Awards 2013 - VOTE

Fan Army FTW
  • Adam Lambert - Glamberts
  • All Time Low - Hustlers
  • Beyoncé - Beyhive
  • Demi Lovato - Lovatics
  • Ed Sheeran - Sheerios
  • Justin Bieber - Beliebers
  • Lil B - Task Force
  • Selena Gomez - Selenators
  • Thirty Seconds to Mars - Echelon
  • Tokio Hotel - Aliens


Tokio Hotel - facebook (14.05.2013)

Tom our new lead singer… NOT! Bill

RTL Exclusiv 12/05/2013

RTL Exclusiv (Germany) - 12.05.2013

Bill & Tom dans cette interview ont annoncé la sortie de l'album pour la fin de l'année.

Bill & Tom in this interview have announced the release of the album by the end of the year.

11.05.2013 Cologne - Deutschland sucht den Superstar 2013 - 9. Mottoshow - Final

Tokio Hotel - facebook (10.05.2013)

Gustav wishes he'd be in charge...;-)

Tokio Hotel - facebook (09.05.2013)

Family Portrait

Tokio Hotel - facebook (08.05.2013)

After all these years... Bill is STILL invincible! So frustrating ;) Georg


Source facebook Tokio Hotel

878788_10151461337408650_249774437_n par fuerimmerjetzt

Tokio Hotel - facebook (07.05.2013)


BTK App - (06.05.2013)

Twins : "R.I.P.

             Tou'll never be forgotten. We'll always love you! "




Bill et Tom viennent à nouveau de perdre un de leurs chiens. Triste nouvelle .. Tous les Aliens sont à leurs côtés .. Courage les garçons ..

Bill and Tom have again just lost one of their dogs. Sad news .. All the Aliens are by their side.. Have courage twins ... 

Tokio Hotel - facebook (06.05.2013) - Q&A

04.05.2013 Cologne - Deutschland sucht den Superstar 2013 - 8. Mottoshow

Tokio Hotel - facebook (04.05.2013)

On the way to Cologne!

Tokio Hotel - facebook (03.05.2013)

Prison of glass: Gustav is just way too loud! I had to put him in a box… Tom

New interview / Gala #18 "Wir brauchen keinen Therapeuten!"

Vous trouverez la traduction française de cet excellent interview dans le sous-forum MEDIA du forum du site .

Lien Interview forum




You can find the english translation of the great interview in the section MEDIA of the site forum.


Link Interview forum

Tour 2021 - TH - Beyond The World 

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