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Tokio Hotel - Humanoid City Live

Date of issue: 16.07.2010
The 1st Noise
The 2nd Human Connect To Human
The 3rd Breakaway
04th Pain Of Love
05th World Behind My Wall
06th Hey You
07th Alien (English version)
08th Ready Set Go
09th Humanoid (German version)
10th Phantomrider
                                 11th Dogs Unleashed
                                 12th Love & Death
                                 13th In Your Shadow I Can Shine
                                 14th Automatic
                                 15th Screamin '
                                 16th Darkside of the Sun
                                 17th Zoom Into Me
                                 18th Monsoon
                                 19th Forever Now
                                 Bonus: Backstage at Humanoid City
                                 • Tokio Hotel TV Episode
                                 • Picture Gallery

Tokio Hotel - Caught On Camera!

Date of issue: 05.12.2008
DVD 1 "History - The very best of TH TV"
The 1st Intro
02.Tel Aviv, Paris, Cannes, Essen
The 3rd TH-TV: MTV Europe Music Awards 2007
04th Montreal, Toronto, Los Angeles
05th TH-TV: Climbing with Gustav and Georg
06th New York City
07th TH-TV: On the Kart Track with Tom, Gustav and Georg
08th New York City, Oberhausen
09th TH-TV: Hot Topics @ Hot Topic
                                10th TH-TV: Interview above the clouds
                                11th Lissabon, Paris
                                12th TH-TV: Shopping with Bill
                                13th Modena, Geneva
                                14th Werchter, Mexico City
                                15th TH-TV: MTV VMA 2008: Music, Mayhem, Tokio Hotel

                                The 1st Interview Part 1
                                The 2nd TH-TV: Desert, Dust & Gasoline: Quad Biking with
                                                        Tokio Hotel!
                                The 3rd Interview Part 2
                                04th TH-TV: Past time secrets and future sins!
                                05th Interview Part 3
                                06th Bill and Tom in the studio
                                07th Interview Part 4
                                08th TH-TV: Back on Track: Bill's Revenge!?
                                09th Interview Part 5
                                10th TH-TV: Pain and Paint: Tokio Hotel pull the Trigger!!

Tokio Hotel - Zimmer 483-Live In Europe

Date of issue: 30.11.2007
The 1st Intro: Zimmer 483 - Live in Europe
The 2nd Übers Ende der Welt
The 3rd Reden
04th Ich brech aus
05th Spring nicht
06th Der letzte Tag
07th Wo sind eure Hände
08th Durch den Monsun
09th Wir sterben niemals aus
                                10th Stich ins Glück
                                11th Ich bin nicht their
                                12th Schrei
                                13th Vergessene Kinder
                                14th Leb die Sekunde
                                15th Heilig
                                16th Totgeliebt
                                17th In die Nacht
                                18th Rette mich
                                19th An deiner Seite (ich bin da)

                                DVD 2
                                ● 483 European Tour - The Documentary

Tokio Hotel - Schrei-Live

Date of issue: 07.04.2006
The 1st Jung und nicht mehr jugendfrei
The 2nd Beich
The 3rd Ich bin nicht their
04th Schrei
05th Leb die Sekunde
06th Schwarz
07th Lass uns hier raus
08th Gegen Meinen Willen
09th Durch den Monsun
10th Thema Nr.1
                                 11th Wenn nichts geht mehr
                                 12th Rette mich
                                 13th Freunde bleiben
                                 14th Der letzte Tag
                                 15th Frei im freien Fall
                                 16th Unendlichkeit
                                 17th Durch den Monsun
  • One night in Tokyo
  • Bildergallerie

Tokio Hotel - Leb die Sekunde: Behind the Scenes

Date of issue: 02.12.2005
The 1st Jung und nicht mehr jugendrei
The 2nd Der Anfang - bewegt
The 3rd Der Anfang - Festgehalten
04th Schrei
05th Stars For Free 2005, Magdeburg
06th Tag der Deutschen Einheit 2005, Potsdam
07th Making Of "Schrei" Video
08th 20 Eure Fragen
                                 09th Unendlichkeit
                                 10th The Dome 2005, Erfurt
                                 11th Comet 2005
                                 12th Bildergalerie
                                 13th Durch den Monsun (Musikvideo)
                                 14th Schrei (Musikvideo)

Tour 2021 - TH - Beyond The World 

Music Video

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