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Tokio Hotel - facebook (30.04.2013)

Bill hangin' in the studio... Tom



27.04.2013 Cologne - Deutschland sucht den Superstar 2013 - 7. Mottoshow

Bill & Tom Kaulitz - photoshoot (by Stephan Pick) - Gala

Tokio Hotel - facebook (23.04.2013)

Bill : "You wanna know who won the stare down contest?
Of course I did! Bill



Tokio Hotel - facebook (20.04.2013)

Bill :  "Playing some riff ideas to Georg which I had recorded on my phone."



20.04.2013 Cologne - Deutschland sucht den Superstar 2013 - 6. Mottoshow

Tokio Hotel Facebook - Twins contest

the 15th April 2013

Bill & Tom : "We had a stare down contest!"

Tokio Hotel Facebook : Sign the petition

The 14th April 2013

Aliens, Sign the petition :

13.04.2013 Cologne - Deutschland sucht den Superstar 2013 - 5. Mottoshow

Tokio Hotel Facebook : Bill

12th April 2013

Bill : "In the right mood for writing a ballad..."

Tokio Hotel Facebook - Thanks of the boys for the MMM .

10th April 2013

Tokio Hotel a perdu en demi-finale au tournoi des MMM mercredi 10 Avril 2013. Le groupe a remercié ses fans le soir même sur son facebook . 


Tokio Hotel lost in semi-final in the tournament of the MMM on Wednesday, April 10th, 2013. The band thanked his fans Wednesday evening on his Facebook. 


Tokio Hotel : "No matter what: YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!! Thank you so much for your stunning support at MMM!"

MMM 2013 5th round : Ed Sheeran vs. Tokio Hotel

It's time to vote for the 5th round in 2013 Musical March Madness .. ..

Go Aliens ... VOTE ...


Tokio Hotel in the studio - 2013

9th April 2013

Facebook Tokio Hotel : Win your exclusive ticket for a DSDS LIVE show

09th April 2013

Click here for your participation ...

06.04.2013 Cologne - Deutschland sucht den Superstar 2013 - 4. Mottoshow

Tokio Hotel - facebook (14.04.2013)

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