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La version anglaise d'Humanoid sortira début Octobre 2010 dans le monde entier, dans différentes versions. On y découvrira un Tokio Hotel qui a muri. On retrouve sur la plupart des musiques et des textes les auteurs du début : Dave Roth, Pat Benzner, David Jost, Bill Kaulitz, Tom Kaulitz . Mais le groupe a colloboré avec d'autres personnes sur quelques chansons , comme Guy Chambers, Martin Kierszenbaum, Kristian D. Nord, The Matrix, Desmond Child, Jonathan Davis. 

Bill et Tom Kaulitz sont co-producteurs sur cet album.

The English version of Humanoid released in the beginning of October, 2010 all over the world, in various versions. We discovered with it, a band of Tokio Hotel which matured. The authors of the musics and texts are the ones of the beginning: Dave Roth, Pat Benzner, David Jost, Bill Kaulitz and Tom Kaulitz. But the band collaborated with other persons for some songs, as Guy Chambers, Martin Kierszenbaum, Kristian D. Nord, The Matrix, Desmond Child, Jonathan Davis.

Bill and Tom Kaulitz are co-producers of this album.

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BILLY :  Not Over You – Faux Leather Cape Not Over You – Faux Leather Cape


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Tokio Hotel Dream Machine Tour 2017
12/03/17 UK, London
13/03/17 Belgium, Brussels
15/03/17 Germany, Hamburg
16/03/17 Germany, Frankfurt
18/03/17 Netherlands, Nijmegen
19/03/17 Netherlands, Amsterdam
21/03/17 France, Paris
22/03/17 France, Lyon
24/03/17 Germany, Cologne
25/03/17 Germany, Stuttgart
27/03/17 Switzerland, Zurich
28/03/17 Italy, Milan
29/03/17 Italy, Rome
31/03/17 Germany, Munich
01/04/17 Germany, Leipzig
03/04/17 Czech Republic, Prague
04/04/17 Germany, Berlin
06/04/17 Sweden, Stockholm
07/04/17 Norway, Oslo
09/04/17 Finland, Helsinki
10/04/17 Latvia, Riga
12/04/17 Poland, Warsaw

19/04/17 Russia, Novosibirsk
21/04/17 Russia, Ekaterinburg
22/04/17 Russia, Ufa
23/04/17 Russia, Kazan
25/04/17 Russia, St.Petersburg
26/04/17 Russia, Moscow
28/04/17 Russia, Voronezh
29/04/17 Russia, Krasnodar

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