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Tokio Hotel - Best Of

Date of issue: 10.12.2010
Producers: Patrick Benzner, Dave Roth, David Jost, Peter Hoffmann

Tracklist (English version)
The 1st Darkside Of The Sun
The 2nd Monsoon
The 3rd Hurricanes And Suns (new track - 2009)
04th Ready, Set, Go!
05th World Behind My Wall
06th Scream
07th Automatic
08th Phantomrider
09th Break Away
10th Final Day
11th Forever Now
12th By Your Side
13th Rescue Me
14th 1000 Oceans
15th Noise
16th Do not Jump
17th Humanoid
18th Mädchen aus dem alll (2003)

Tracklist (German)
The 1st Durch Den Monsun
The 2nd Der Letzte Tag
The 3rd Mädchen aus dem All (2003)
04th Übers Ende Der Welt
05th Schrei
06th An deiner Seite (Ich Bin Da)
07th Spring Nicht
08th Automatisch
09th Lass Uns Laufen
10th Geisterfahrer
11th Ich brech Aus
12th Für Immer Jetzt
13th Rette Mich
14th 1000 Meera
15th Komm
16th Sonnensystem
17th Humanoid
18th Hurricans And Suns (new track - 2009)

DVD - Videos: 1 Durch den Monsun second Monsoon third Schrei fourth Scream 5th Rette Mich 6th Der letzte Tag 7th Schließen wir uns ein 8th Übers Ende der Welt 9th Ready, Set, Go 10th Spring nicht 11th Do not jump on the 12th An deiner Seite 13th By Your Side 14th Automatisch 15th Automatic 16th Lass und laufen 17th World Behind My Wall 18th Darkside of the Sun
DVD - Making Of: 1 Making of "Monsoon" 2 Making of "Schrei" 3 Making of "Übers Ende der Welt" 4 Making of "Spring nicht" 5 Making of "Automatic" 6 Making of "World Behind My Wall"

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BILLY :  Not Over You – Faux Leather Cape Not Over You – Faux Leather Cape


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Tokio Hotel Dream Machine Tour 2017
12/03/17 UK, London
13/03/17 Belgium, Brussels
15/03/17 Germany, Hamburg
16/03/17 Germany, Frankfurt
18/03/17 Netherlands, Nijmegen
19/03/17 Netherlands, Amsterdam
21/03/17 France, Paris
22/03/17 France, Lyon
24/03/17 Germany, Cologne
25/03/17 Germany, Stuttgart
27/03/17 Switzerland, Zurich
28/03/17 Italy, Milan
29/03/17 Italy, Rome
31/03/17 Germany, Munich
01/04/17 Germany, Leipzig
03/04/17 Czech Republic, Prague
04/04/17 Germany, Berlin
06/04/17 Sweden, Stockholm
07/04/17 Norway, Oslo
09/04/17 Finland, Helsinki
10/04/17 Latvia, Riga
12/04/17 Poland, Warsaw

19/04/17 Russia, Novosibirsk
21/04/17 Russia, Ekaterinburg
22/04/17 Russia, Ufa
23/04/17 Russia, Kazan
25/04/17 Russia, St.Petersburg
26/04/17 Russia, Moscow
28/04/17 Russia, Voronezh
29/04/17 Russia, Krasnodar

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